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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing Live: A Few More Thoughts

Over the weekend I went to see a few more performances of the Strictly Come Dancing: Live tour. It's been interesting to see how the performances have developed.

They all seem to be having heaps of fun, despite the gruelling schedule. They all give 100% on ever performance. And some of them have improved over the two weeks since I saw the show last.

Martin took to wearing an afro wig for his latin performance, and I actually think it did him the world of good!

Letitia gives more and more to the jive. Her ballroom has been brilliant, but it's been a joy to see her loving the jive just as much.

Matt & Flavia continue to turn in brilliant performances.

Christopher Parker got a well-deserved 10 from Len for his paso on Friday night. He knows he is not a good dancer. Well, not a dancer at all, but the audience loves him, and her certainly gets a reaction every time he comes out with his cape.

I finally saw James Martin dance this afternoon. Like Camilla's 'other man' Martin, James is definitely a ballroom boy.

Louisa Lytton is brilliant. Her Argentine tango has passione in spades, despite what Arlene says, and I could watch her jive over and over. She is fab-u-lous!

But I have to take a moment to talk about Zoe & Ian. Zoe is one of my all time favourite Strictly participants. She has well and truely stolen my heart. I was in the audience on the very first night she took to the floor for the waltz. From that moment on, I was hooked on Zoe. She is everything I wish I could be. Tall, poised, elegant, passionate.

She floors me every time I watch that tango. And she gets to dance it over and over with a partner that compliments everything about her.

I love her samba just as much, probably more than I did when she performed it on the programme. Her face beams all the way through the performance. She lights up the arena with her eyes and her smile. And how many 37-year-old mums can do cartwheels and the splits?

I feel so blue knowing that I may never see Zoe & Ian dance together again. I didn't anticipate quite how hard the realisation was going to hit me. Yes, I'm probably being a drama queen, but I think that's allowed in the world of crystals and glitter.

I was elated to see Zoe & Ian lift the trophy in Birmingham this afternoon. I'm also releved that I was there to see it, as it was a last minute decision to see the show today.

I'd like to finish with a thank-you to everyone involved in the tour for keeping me entertained and enthralled over... erm... 'several' performances. You are all amazing. You inspire me and millions of others to keep plugging away at our own classes every week. You're all 10s.


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