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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kate, Anton And The Sunday Mirror

There was a story - a fairy story - in the Sunday Mirror this week, claiming that Kate Garraway and Anton Du Beke are having an affair.

The link to the Mirror story no longer works, but Entertainmentwise gives you the gist. In a huge scandal, the pair both attended a charity event recently, alongside Kate's husband. He left earlier in the evening leaving the pair alone (no doubt with a room choc full of other people).

A witness said: "[Kate and Anton] walked back to his car together and had a long, drawn-out embrace and kissed. Then she turned away and Anton walked off to his car with this massive grin on his face, looking over his shoulder at her as she went. Kate then walked back in to the pub to collect her coat."

Anyone who has ever met Anton, or even seen him on TV, will know how tactile he is. What this witness has seen is not anything other than typical Anton behaviour.

Some more details of the story can be found at

The article also wrote that Kate had been seen leaving Anton's flat. Clearly no-one from the Mirror has ever visited a friend.


I really don't know why the tabloids have developed a facination with Anton, but I'm starting to get annoyed by it. They are starting to treat Anton the way they treat Brendan, which for the record also winds me up.

I am glad to hear that Kate has decided to take legal action against the paper. The Times reports that she has issued a statement: “Contrary to these insinuations, Derek and I are as faithful, happy and in love today as we have ever been. The plain truth is that Anton and I became friends during Strictly Come Dancing. Since then we often work and hang out together. For that to be twisted into something else is sad, hurtful and totally untrue.”

She also says that she told the paper that its story was untrue, but they went to print anyway: “I made it clear before publication that there was no truth to them whatsoever. Given they were published in any event and continue to be published, I feel I have no option but to take libel proceedings against the newspaper to set the record straight.”

I am behind Kate every step of the way. The tabloids need to understand that they can't just make things up whenever they feel like it. It is not fair to play with the lives of innocent people.


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