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Friday, January 18, 2008

New Lesson 14

We had a very productive class this week. Just when I'm beginning to think my teacher lacks any ambition for the class, she does something that makes me think I'm wrong.

This week she told everyone that she'd like to see the class progress forward. The class is no longer listed as a beginners class - it's now 'progressers'.

We started off doing waltz work that was more complicated than anything we've done before. I loved it! I felt that my partner for the night and I glided around the floor, and I got the work really well. I'm now trying to add a bit of finesse wherever I can.

The teacher also mentioned doing medals to us. I am gagging to do medals, but I can't make the current medal class, it starts too early for me. I would love for her to have the ambition to enter people for medallist comps, but I think that might be a bit beyond her. She seems a bit set in her ways. The things I could do to improve that school if I had the opportunity. Sadly, it's pretty much the only school in the area, and unless I get a car then it's going to have to do me for now.

We also recapped the tango, which I love. I had an excellent partner this week. This chap seemed a bit scared of intimacy once before when I danced with him, and he always comes across as 'put upon' (he helps with the medal class before mine and it's all too much for the poor love - he rolls his eyes every time he is asked to dem with the teacher). But his tango was brilliant. He held me correctly, and it was one of the best experiences I've had.

My Monday classes re-start next week. I'm still pondering whether I should attempt going to beginners. I know it's going to be rammed, and we'll do very basic waltz and cha cha. But the thought of hanging around until 9.15 with nothing else to do doesn't appeal either.


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