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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Denise Lewis: "Strictly’s Like Childbirth"

It seems that it wasn't just the Telegraph that was invited to the rehearsals for Strictly's live shows.

The Times also got an invitation.

It sounds like the tour is going to be a very big event. Paul Roberts, of promoters Phil Macintyre Entertainment says: “It’s basically like the live [TV] show, but with some ‘special bits’. Solo numbers, judges, etcetera. The arena audience can text-vote there and then, so every show has a winner. The vote money goes to charity. There’s a couple of big professional numbers, a 16-piece band, big chandeliers being raised and lowered."

Zoe explains what hard work it's been: “I can barely walk. My knees are gone. I’ll be in a wheelchair by the time we get to Newcastle. All the others are so young, I’m constantly seven steps behind. Norman [Cook] says, if in doubt, do ‘jazz hands’, but I don’t think even I could pull off two solid hours of jazz hands.”

Do read the article, it's a funny and well-written piece, even if it does flirt the line with mickey taking her and there.


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