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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lesson 31

I decided not to go to the beginners class yesterday. I just knew it would be really busy. Maybe I'll brave it next week.

We did some waltz to start the class. When I dance alone I have it all down. Put a partner in front of me and I completely screw it up. I don't know why, but it's bloody annoying. I'm sure the men in the class are going to start thinking I'm crap! It was the double reverse spin followed by an impetus that was flummoxing me yesterday.

We dabbled with the jive briefly, but didn't really get time to get into it, as we spent a while on the waltz. You know it's getting late when the studio staff close the shutters while the lesson is still going on.

I'm now starting to feel a bit crampt in that studio. I have got a bit used to the nice hall I dance in on a Tuesday.


  • At 5:27 am, Blogger Alice said…

    I'm exactly the same - what is it about the waltz?! The double reverse spin is a particuarly difficult one to do with a partner though, I think. The guys really need to know where they are going, otherwise you end up in all sorts of interesting knots!


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