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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Service: Week 8

Yes, I'm back! There's only a short while left until tonight's show, but I thought I'd quickly run down my thoughts about last week's show.

Gethin & Camilla's routine was light, energetic and was relatively complex. I did agree with the judges that Gethin needs to lift his performance a little more, but that is something that Camilla cannot teach him.

John's voltres (sp?) weren't so good, but he did a competent job otherwise. I liked Nicole's routine, but the performance as a whole just lacked something in my opinion. I suppose at this stage in the competition I'm expecting to be wowed every time.

Letitia looked a little hesitant until she got into the hold, although I did like Darren's choreography out of hold. She didn't close her feet properly throughout the dance. Not her best performance, but her transformation during the course of the competition has been great. I wonder how she is going to cope with two routines a week.

Following on from Ian's 60s-inspired samba a few weeks ago, Brendan took the samba into the 70s with Night Fever, which I thought was a nice twist. I thought the judges were a little harsh. The routine did lack some samba content, because of the Saturday Night Fever moves, but Kelly performed what she was given very well, and I don't feel she should have been marked down because they didn't like Brendan's choreography. My only criticism was that she brushed her hair out of her mouth in the middle of the routine, which was a bit unprofessional. Always leave your hair and costume alone - unless your costume has fallen off!

Kenny did some lovely footwork in the American smooth. The routine was soft and flowing. My only criticism was that the lifts were a bit 'long' - an obvious way of using up extra counts in the music. The lifts were a great demonstration of the trust between Kenny & Ola.

I loved Flavia's music choice. The same track is used for the salsa in the Simply Ballroom show. This was Matt's best latin performance so far. He seemed less inhibited than ever, and the performance side of his work has come on leaps and bounds. Again, I wasn't wowed, but it was excellent. Maybe I'm being too critical at the moment. He needs to not let it show on his face when he cocks something up. It's a dead giveaway.

Alesha & Matthew put in yet another good performance. If I was being really picky, I'd say she needed a teeny bit more hip action on her lock steps, but that's just my inner Craig Revel Horwood coming out. Three 10s, though? I'm not sure.

I loved the group Dirty Dancing routine. Richard Marcel is a God, and I even recognised some of the choreography from his Move It class. It was Kelly who stood out for me. She was born to dirty dance!

It will be interesting to see how they all cope with two dances from this week. It will certainly sort the contenders from the pretenders. I worry about how Kenny and Letitia, and perhaps even Gethin will cope with learning two routines.

Gethin & Camilla

John & Nicole

Letitia & Darren

Kelly & Brendan

Kenny & Ola

Matt & Flavia

Alesha & Matthew

Dirty Dancing Group Routine


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