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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Service: Week 7

We must be getting close to the point where they start performing two dances per week. However, for now my job is quite easy with only eight dances to get through this week.

Kelly & Brendan's jive was fun. However, I didn't think it was bouncy enough. And she did about a million American spins in a row, so I thought it was a little bit uninteresting choreographically. That said, Kelly turned in another polished performance. It just left me a little cold.

Letitia & Darren did a grand job. The routine was romantic. I agreed with the judges that Letitia's posture was much improved. I loved the twirl at the end. It had lovely rise and fall. I thought it might have been Letitia's best performance so far.

This was not a very strong week for Kenny. He struggles with the count of the cha cha. I did think it was a 'softer' performance than we have seen in some of his latin performances, which was a good thing. Ola cleverly choreographed large portions of the dance with Kenny not moving his feet. It didn't work for me, and I wasn't too keen on the Moonwalk.

The rumba was always going to be a struggle for Gethin, who has battled with the intimacy of dancing all the was through the competition. I thought the rumba was sweet and tender, but I was captivated by Camilla rather than the interplay. I thought it was slow to start, but then suddenly he seemed to get into it, and the ending was beautiful. I swear I thought that before Arlene said the very same! I always think, unless it is done extremely well, rumba can be lost on the audience and is hard to sell, especially when up against fast exciting dances like the jive. Not quite up to last week's Viennese waltz, but a good performance.

John lacked the staccato sharpness required for the tango. He knew the choreography, and his footwork was good, but his upper body and head lacked the quick, sharp movements which define the tango. I loved the ending where he dragged Nicole across the floor though.

What would Kate do without Anton? They spent the best part of the paso in hold. He always puts her upright on her feet after any kind of drop or leaning position. He leaves her to stand while he dances around her, a trick the female pros usually use. She stomped around, and at points looked like she was walking to the bus stop. On the plus side, it was better than the salsa...

Alesha & Matthew's waltz was just stunning. I loved the opening especially. It was breathtaking, the sort of dance where you don't breathe until it's over. It was fantastic and romantic. Effortless and engaging.

I loved Flavia's quickstep choreography, and it was well executed by Matt. He has developed a flair for ballroom. The routine was a joy to watch.

I think Kenny & Ola should be in the dance-off tonight, along with Kate & Anton. Of course, that never actually happens, and we could see John & Nicole taking a spot. Not that they deserve to, of course.

Kelly & Brendan

Letitia & Darren

Kenny & Ola

Gethin & Camilla

John & Nicole

Kate & Anton

Alesha & Matthew

Matt & Flavia


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