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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Arlene: Kelly Needs To Grow Up

OK, I know I said there would be no updates for a week or so, but there isn't much to do on a very wet Wednesday evening in Windsor, Canada. So I thought I'd catch up on the goss.

Arlene Phillips believes that Kelly Brook need to behave like a woman rather than a girlif she wants to win Strictly Come Dancing. reports that Arlene told The Mirror: "[Kelly] is like a giggling six-year-old wrapped in a woman's body. Her smile, her hair, her teeth, her body, her legs - everything about her physically is stunning. But she doesn't exude sexiness. She's like a little kid, and she needs to grow up fast if she wants to win."

She also states that Kelly needs to be a woman to make her partnership with Brendan work: "Brendan likes women like Natasha Kaplinsky - women who inspire him. He likes serious women, and I don't know how serious Kelly is."


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