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Friday, November 16, 2007

Flavia Interview

Flavia Cacace has given an interview to the Daily Mail.

It's quite a length piece.

She talks candidly about Jimmy Tarbuck: "Jimmy was lovely, adorable and so entertaining, but no, he wasn't the sort of person you want to see when you open that door to the rehearsal room."

She was disappointed that as one of Strictly's new girls on the block, she didn't get to make an impression: "It was the worst thing that could happen. I still took part in the group dances and helped out with choreography, but it was soul-destroying to go out so soon in those circumstances. I look back and think: 'What a terrible year.'"

On being dropped by Matt early on in training: "As a dancer, you know when someone is about to drop you. You train to fall in a certain way, to minimise the damage. Still, since then we've been a bit careful about what I get him to do."

On her schooldays: "At the time [ballroom dancing] was seen as naff. I remember when I was a teenager trying to avoid telling people at school what I did in my spare time. They didn't get it. People laughed at the costumes and make-up. They thought it was old-fashioned."

On Vincent: "He's only the third dance partner I've had, and when you work that closely with someone, the bond is incredible and very special.
The only way I can describe it is that you are consumed by what you experience together. The passion, the intensity. I suppose it's no surprise when it moves into real life."

It's well worth reading the whole thing.


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