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Monday, December 17, 2007

Alesha: "The Only Reason I Did Strictly Was To Learn To Dance"

There was a lengthy interview with Alesha Dixon in the Sunday Mirror yesterday. In it she talks about Strictly, as well as her much-publicised split with her husband.

Here are a few highlights...

On being sexy: "Dancing makes you feel really sexy. I call it foreplay without the finale. When you're dancing with somebody all day and spending that much time up close together, it makes you feel very sexual."

On frank conversations: "I rang my nan for some advice on my cha cha and she said, 'Just give it some sex'. I couldn't believe I was hearing this from my grandma!"

On Kelly's withdrawal from Strictly: "It was really horrible when Kelly and Brendan left. It felt really weird not having them in the show. Brendan was like a force of nature with the judges. So losing him was like having a pantomime with the villain missing. The atmosphere really changed that week and Kelly was really missed. And it was sad for her because she's got a passion for dance and it all ended in such an unfortunate way."

On her partnership with Matthew: "The best Christmas present I could get him would be to win the show, but second to that I have already given him a framed engraved picture of us dancing together. I represent the girl whose mum couldn't afford to send her to stage school, but who's getting the chance to catch up when she's 29."

"It sounds corny but the only reason I did Strictly was to learn to dance. So whatever happens, I feel like a winner. And I'm happier than ever."


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