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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Service: Week 11

Semi-final week. Can you believe it's almost over?

This has to be the closest competition ever. Three participants, all of whom could win it. I can't wait for tonight's result (although I am restrained enough not to cheat and look it up online - I want to enjoy the suspense!).

Alesha & Matthew's quickstep was packed with tricky footwork. I liked the Charleston characterisation, and it worked really well with the very un-Charleston track Valerie. Alesha is one of the most consistent performers ever. Virtually every performance has been bang on.

Their Argentine tango had fantastic interplay and connection. Alesha needs to keep her knees straighter, which I think Arlene picked up on.

Matt & Flavia's Argentine tango was controlled and well-placed. Matt had the advantage of being with Flavia, the queen of Argentine tango. He couldn't really fail. I did agree with Len that there was a lack of passion. This is probably because Matt just wanted to get through it, but it was the piece of the jigsaw that was missing. It was unusual because Matt & Flavia usually have a wonderful connection.

The connection could not be denied in the waltz. It was so romantic and genuinely moving. I think that is was worthy of four 10s, and that must be enough to prove to Matt that he could win it.

I loved Camilla's paso choreography. This has definitely been one of Camilla's strongest years for routines. The paso was exciting and Gethin was in control. I actually think the judges were a bit harsh. I didn't see anything missing at all.

Their Argentine tango was beautifully understated. It had intensity. It was smouldering and enthralling. Again, I thought it was under-marked.

I must confess that I forgot to vote last night. I got up to do something after the programme, and it was 10.45 before I realised. I'm so cross with myself, because every vote counts at this stage of the competition.

Alesha & Matthew seem to have plateaued. They have been consistently strong, but it seems that it has been some weeks since there was any real improvement, and it is her routines, rather than Gethin's, which I feel lack something at times. She doesn't blow me away in the way I expect her to.

Matt & Flavia have got over last week's hurdles. Their waltz was worthy of four 10s, but their Argentine tango didn't match it.

Gethin found his stride a few weeks ago, and his performance levels continue to rise. I thought he was under-marked last night. In fact, I would probably have reversed the judges placings.

For what it's worth, I would have voted for Gethin.

Alesha & Matthew - Quickstep

Alesha & Matthew - Argentine Tango

Matt & Flavia - Argentine Tango

Matt & Flavia - Waltz

Gethin & Camilla - Paso Doble

Gethin & Camilla - Argentine Tango


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