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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gabby: "I Feel Empty And Slightly Directionless"

Gabby Logan writes a column for The Times, and this week she talks about her elimination from Strictly Come Dancing.

It's great to hear what Gabby thinks, and is a nice compliment to last night's It Takes Two.

On her drive to succeed: "Winning was never my motivation, but somewhere along the way, because of my work rate and love of training, I was labelled competitive."

On James: "My professional partner James Jordan was as good a teacher as I could have hoped for – it took us a couple of weeks, but we “got each other”. He didn’t praise very often, but demanded the best I could give him."

On how she feels now: "I feel empty and slightly directionless today [yesterday]. I think I’m addicted to dancing."

It's only a short column, so please have a read.


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