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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mica & Ian's Jive

If you were watching It Takes Two last night, you would have seen training footage of Mica & Ian's jive, which they would have been performing this Saturday, had they not been knocked out.

If you didn't, you can see a clip on the BBC website.

The jive looked pretty good. I must admit, I wasn't that fussed with the 15-bar introduction (Queen's Don't Stop Me Now was the track), and I'm not sure the judges would have been either. But once they got into the up-tempo part, Mica looked a lot better than the rumba gave her credit for. I was convinced that she'd struggle with the more bouncy numbers which favour smaller dancers, but I take it all back. The jive was a marked improvment on the rumba. And this was only training footage. I'm sure on Saturday night with a nice frock, hair-do, make-up and lights, it would have come across really well.

I think this is the flaw of the 'one boy, one girl out' format. Had it been the usual format from the start, perhaps Jimmy would have departed before Mica.

We'll never know.

I noticed that Ian chose Ray as the one he'd be supporting in future. I'm not sure Claudia made the Camilla connection. But I'm sure all the viewers did.


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