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Monday, October 16, 2006

Are Dancers Better In Bed?

There was a fabulous interview with Brendan in Saturday's Mirror. The Mirror seems to be turning into SCD news central this year!

Anyway, the reporter met Brendan at the Oxo Tower (where he also had a date with the Britain's Next Top Model girls), and they chatted about this and that.

All the usual themes come through in this rather flirtatious interview; Camilla and Kaplinsky, Love Island, his ideal woman. Certainly no revaltions here.

"Dancers are often good lovers because they're very aware of their bodies and have spent a long time understanding their partner's movements."

I really should start those ballroom lessons... I must be halfway there with all the other dancing I've done, though.

I love the answer to the question about getting 'excited' during a dance.

"Occasionally you get a twitch."

Back in the Camilla days, I can only assume!

And thanks to Dvj140 of the Activeboard, here is the main pic which went with the article.


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