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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday Service: Week 11

Week 11, or the quarter final, was Muscials Week. As a musical theatre spectacle, it was a really good show. If you want to see ballroom and latin content in the dances, you're going to be disappointed.

I love the entertainment of Strictly, but I miss the days where the rules were enforced, and the dance content was key. But I'm starting to sound like an old fuddy duddy like Uncle Len, so perhaps I just have to move with the times.

Ore & Joanne kicked things off with their foxtrot to Pure Imagination from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. After their Singin' In The Rain number earlier in the series, I had high expectations. The routine was very theatrical, but as is often the case, I felt there was too much out of hold. The backing dancers were a bit distracting. And Ore looked ever so slightly pigeon-toed to me. However, I did like the routine. The performance was very smooth and relaxed. I liked that the Wonka character didn't take over the dance. It was a nice job.

Robert & Oksana's samba routine was pretty entertaining. He really went for it. I liked that the routine had reconisable samba steps in it - voltres, samba rolls, running promenades - but it lacked bounce. The odd thing was that Robert's timing seemed off, which is not usually a problem for him.

With Kevin always seeming to deliver excellent musical theatre routines, there was no doubt that his quickstep for Louise would hit the mark. Again, I would have liked more pure quickstep steps, but this seemed to be the routine where Louise came out of her shell. She connected with the song and the dance, and the audience. I liked the big dance break in the middle, and that drop from the judges desk was very brave!

Claudia and AJ's routine was more showdance than salsa, but it had some nice movement armography. Claudia demonstrated some good hip action. She seemed to let go a bit more than we've seen before, and looked like she was having fun. It was well-paced, and not too fast. I can't help but wonder if that is because perhaps AJ didn't do the choreography. I enjoyed it.

Considering the poor music choice for Danny & Oti's tango, they did a brilliant job. It was probably the most recognisable dance of the night. It was fierce and sharp, with the possible exception of Danny's head movements, which could have been sharper. And his legs could have been straighter on lock steps. But I'm being picky. It was amazing. They covered the floor brilliantly.

My favourites of the night were Danny and Claudia. I think it's highly unlikely that Robert will avoid the bottom two. I think it's likely that Claudia or Ore will be there with him. I think we'll be saying goodbye to Robert come 8pm.

Here are the videos...

Ore & Joanne

Robert & Oksana

Louise & Kevin

Claudia & AJ

Danny & Oti


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