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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Is Darcey Set To Be Head Judge?

Rumours have been been swirling for the last couple of days that Darcey Bussell will be the head judge on Strictly next year.

Len Goodman bids the show farewell this weekend, meaning that should the current model continue, someone else should assume the head judge role, and more importantly hold the 'casting vote' in the result of a dance-off tie.

A source told The Sun: "The executives would like to see a female in the role, and Darcey has established herself as a major figure on the show. They wouldn’t be comfortable bringing somebody in over her head. The job is quite a calm and level-headed one, for which Darcey would be perfect ­— and the viewers love her.”

I'm not really sure how I would feel about having Darcey as the head judge. I think it really depends who the new panellist is. Darcey is a much better choice than Craig or Bruno, but would she be better than someone with a ballroom and latin background? Would you want Darcey as head judge over Brendan or Anton? Possibly not.

If the bosses want a female in the head judge role, then why not appoint Karen Hardy? We can have two female judges on the panel, can't we?

The only non-former pro name in the frame to join the panel is Gary Edwards. With him in the line-up, I'd agree with having Darcey as head judge, as the public know little about Gary, and I'm not sure they would buy a stranger as the role.


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