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Monday, January 05, 2015

Brendan Cole: "I Do Think Before I Speak!"

No-one can fail to have noticed that Brendan Cole has mellowed since the start of his relationship with his wife Zoe. He has explained that this is a conscious decision on his part, and these days he chooses his battles very carefully.

The Daily Mirror reports that Brendan told the Press Association: “I was very outspoken in the past, but you change as you grow older and you become a bit more thoughtful and considered. Put it this way, nowadays I’m not afraid to be controversial if it’s necessary, but I do think before I speak! When you have the responsibility of being a husband and a father, it’s different. I never want to do anything to embarrass my wife or daughter, whereas in the old days, when I was single, there wasn't anybody to worry about upsetting. I don't want [my daughter] Aurelia looking back on footage or reports of me when she’s older and saying, ‘My dad’s an idiot!’ and I wouldn't want Zoe to be embarrassed about being married to a man who’s ranting and raving."


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