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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Theatre Review: Flash Mob

Flash Mob is a mixed-style dance extravaganza, and the latest to recruit some Strictly star-power to bring ballroom fans into the theatre. Not that Kevin Clifton & Karen Hauer are the only big names on the bill. Flawless are already household names too, and all of the other members of the highly-talented cast will be familiar to most from other TV dance shows.

The first half was not what I expected at all. There was a gentle narrative, linked together via social media and mobile communications. Then audience are taken on an emotional journey of friendship, love, loss and hope. Alleviate really steal this part of the show. The duo are best known from Sky’s Got To Dance competition, and their lyrical numbers are beautiful. It’s not too often I shed a tear, but their performance moved me to do so.

The second half is more what I anticipated the show to be, but no less enjoyable. The opening scene puts the Mob into Flash Mob, with a scene set in a speakeasy featuring the whole company. There is no storyline for the rest of the show, and each performer gets to show what they do best. Strictly fans will be thrilled by Kevin & Karen’s paso and lyrical rumba. But it is not just their show, and it’s the ensemble nature of Flash Mob which makes it so enjoyable. You are not simply waiting for your favourites to come back on stage, because the other performers are so entertaining. Flawless are exactly that. Tommy Franzén (So You Think You Can Dance UK) works hard as the show’s only solo performer. Brosena (Got To Dance) give the show a touch of Irish dance with a modern twist.

With such a diverse range of dance styles, Flash Mob has something for everyone, culminating in a finale that should get everyone dancing in the aisles.

Flash Mob is on at Saddler's Wells’ Peacock Theatre in London until 8th June, followed by a UK tour from 11th June to 2nd August.
Big thanks to the nice people at Sadler's Wells.


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