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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dave Wasn't Invited On Tour

Dave Myers has revealed that he was not approached to take part in the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour, which is currently touring the county.

He told the Radio Times“I wasn't blooming asked!”

Karen is dancing with Nicky Byrne on the tour: "I suspected they wanted someone young and good-looking who could dance."

Dave has very fond memories of the show, though: “Everyone goes on about the ‘Strictly family’. There wasn't a sense of competition, well, certainly by week seven when I left it hadn't kicked in, if it did kick in. You’re competing against yourself. It was lovely to be part of... Everyone on Strictly was on because they wanted to be. It wasn't because their careers were flagging, it certainly wasn't for the money, it was because everybody was very excited to be asked.”


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