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Sunday, January 05, 2014

DVD Review: Fitsteps

It's January, a time when many people are thinking about getting fit and active. If you're a Strictly fan, there's a new DVD out which might be the perfect thing to kick-start your routine.

FitSteps is a fitness programme loosely based on ballroom and Latin dance steps, which was devised by Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite, along with former Strictly participant and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

Ian & Natalie have been recruiting and training instructors over the past 12 months, and with classes now established all over the country, they have now decided to release a DVD, which anyone can have a go at at home. This is great if you want something to supplement the classes, or to try the programme before going along to a class.

The DVD focuses around four key routines - cha cha, waltz, jive and quickstep - and two levels of intensity.

I chose to go through the whole DVD, but you can just pick and choose the parts you want to do in order to tailor the workout to your own ability and the amount of time you have.

The DVD commences with a simple warm up, presented in both low and high intensity, and then it's on to the routines. The routines are lead by Natalie or Ian, and they are joined by two other dancers. Strictly fans might remember Crystal Main from the pro dance troupe in Series 8. Jasmine Tak√°cs was in the company of last year's Strictly Confidential tour.

The good thing about the routines is that it feels like an aerobic workout rather than a dance class. The focus is on simple moves which are designed to get your blood pumping, rather than complicated dance moves. That said, you will recognise basic steps such as Cuban breaks, New Yorkers and Charleston.

My only complaint about the DVD is the use of a secondary camera. The shots taken from this camera don't always match the main action, and can be confusing. I found it best just to carry on and wait for the action to return to the main camera.

As you would expect, at the end of the DVD there is a cool-down.

In addition to the workout, there is a message from Mark Foster, and a series of outtakes from the making of the DVD. You also get an audio CD of the workout music, so once you have got used to the routines, you don't need to be in front of a TV screen to go through it. There is also a leaflet with some fitness tips, and a coupon for a free FitSteps class, so you can go along and try one. Visit the class finder to find one near you.

I really enjoyed this DVD, and would happily use it again and again, and I'm sure it would be a fabulous addition to anyone's fitness regime.

The FitSteps DVD is available exclusively through the FitSteps website (big thanks to the nice folks at FitSteps).


  • At 11:25 am, Blogger Claire said…

    This is a very poorly put together dvd. When the camera shows the dancers from the side it is half a beat out and the lead dancers just make the ends up according to the music. The ending to one of the sequences has 3 different steps depending on what camera angle is shown. I have bought an American Zumba dvd and this far surpasses the quality of the fitstep dvd both in camera work and tuition style. Sorry, I don't rate it at all and think it's very costly for what you get.

  • At 8:39 pm, Anonymous Fit Indeed said…

    I love Fit Steps, makes me feel really good as I love dancing!


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