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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday Flashback (On Saturday)

This week, I'm looking back at Lisa & Brendan's cha cha.

Lisa & Brendan's cha cha - Series 6, Week 11

At the time I wrote:

I thought the cha cha was absolutely brilliant on all counts. Great song, brilliant choreography with plenty of basic and more complex choreography. Lisa was fantastic. Her turns have all the control that was lacking at the start of the competition, and she has brilliant control of her long legs now. She straightens her legs, and uses her feet giving her great hip action. And a smile that could light up a small town. Her best latin dance so far in my mind. In fact, one of the best latin dances of the entire series.

It was such a good routine that they performed it again in the final. I loved Lisa's energy. She was a brilliant performer. Just don't mention the showdance...


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