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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday Service: Week 10

Musicals week. Although all of the musicals are also movies. It would've been nice if one of the dances had been from a stage musical like Wicked or Rent.

That aside, it was the best week of the competition so far. Everyone really raised their game. It was such a brilliant show to watch.

I could really live without the company of dancers on same of the routines, though. It was OK for Blackpool, because everything is bigger, and there is more floor to fill, but back at Elstree it's really unnecessary. I don't think anyone liked it, except the company themselves...

Patrick & Anya started the show with their Charleston. It was a great opener. There were great lifts, and Patrick executed them well. The routine was packed with steps. They captured the spirit of the music really well. I didn't like it quite as much as Sophie & Brendan's, but it was excellent nonetheless.

Natalie & Atrem did a lovely routine, but it was a typical Artem American smooth. You just knew that Len was going to complain about the lack of foxtrot content or choreography in hold. It was a lovely performance from Natalie. She totally nailed it. The lifts were brilliant. The acting was great. It had great fluidity and musicality. I know Artem wants to choreograph to the music, but he should still choreograph the dance his has been given. This is not a showdance.

Mark & Iveta's samba was very cute. Iveta's choreography was just perfect. Mark performed so well, as usual. There wasn't enough hip action, but he did a good job. It was very entertaining. Mark is just so lovely to watch, but it's clear that he is now lagging behind the other participants.

Sophie & Brendan's Viennese waltz was old school. It had so much genuine Viennese waltz content, including a fleckerl. The only problem was Sophie's head position. It was sinking into her neck a bit. The dress she was wearing made it look worse, I think. It the routine was amazing, and she performed it well. It was clear that Sophie loved it.

Abbey & Aljaž's salsa was very entertaining. At first, I didn't think there was very much salsa content, but on second viewing, it was clear that there was for the first minutes and then it became pure disco. The dancing in Saturday Night Fever is pretty atrocious, so it was good to see some dancing that was actually better than the film. I'm not sure it deserved a perfect 40 for the same reasons that Artem didn't.

I really like Ashley & Ola's sweet rumba. Ashley looked really good, and he showed off Ola very well. There could have been more hip action, but otherwise it was lovely. Like Brendan, Ola choreographed a romantic rumba, and they looked lovely. Ashley is one of the most improved dancers in the competition.

Choreographically, Susanna & Kevin's quickstep was brilliant. It's just a shame it wasn't executed very well. It was all a bit messy. Susanna messed up a kick section quite early on. The sofa moment wasn't great either, as she need ended up on her rear. The bits in between, however, were good. Susanna totally nailed the character of the dance. I hope Susanna isn't in the dance-off, but I almost want her to get a second go at that dance to get it right.

I think that however much we've enjoyed Mark's performances over the past few weeks, he is now the weakest dancer. He's a brilliant performer, but just doesn't have the technical ability of the others. But who should be in the dance-off with him? Susanna made the most errors last night, so perhaps it should be her. Natalie's routine lacked the required content (which is obviously not her fault), so perhaps it should be her. No-one really deserves to be in the dance-off anymore, but sadly someone has to be. It's so hard to split them now, that it starts to become a popularity contest.

Here are the videos...

Patrick & Anya

Natalie & Artem

Mark & Iveta

Sophie & Brendan

Abbey & Aljaž

Ashley & Ola

Susanna & Kevin


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