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Monday, November 18, 2013

Len To Quit DWTS?

Could Len be getting ready to quit Dancing With The Stars?

According to the Daily Star, Len is finding it difficult travelling backwards and forwards across the Atlantic to do both shows, and health concerns could see him leaving the US show.

Len told the paper: “Sitting on the plane is boring – it’s just sitting there for 11 hours. It’s not hard but it’s tiring because of the time difference. But once you say you’ll do it, you get on with it.”

A source added: “He wants to quit Dancing With The Stars because he finds the ­travelling so tough. His time zones change dramatically every few days and when he does want to spend time off with his ­family he’s too tired to really enjoy it.”

But Len would not consider leaving Strictly: “I would never retire from the BBC or Strictly by choice. If I got ill and couldn’t go on it, of course I would have to retire – but I’d have to be pretty ill. They will have to drag me off kicking and ­screaming.”


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