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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strictly's Wish List

The Sun has listed some names that it claims Strictly Come Dancing producers are keen to land.

Topping the list is Victoria Beckham. Also in their sights are Amy Winehouse, Chelsea Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Kimberley Walsh, Patsy Kensit and Lembit Opik.

The article also claims that the show will run for 12 weeks, and at least three shows will be broadcast from the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

There are a lot of names to think about here. Here are my thoughts...

Victoria Beckham still seems to still be all over the press, despite not spending any time in Britain these days. She'd be great for the show's profile. Like Emma Bunton before her, victoria has spent a long time learning dance moves, so she should be comfortable with the skills required, even if she's not done this style before. I have no idea about the Beckhams' tax status, though. Is she permitted to be in the country? As she's living in the US, I think she'd be more likely to follow Mel B to Dancing With The Stars. However, she's a much bigger star here.

Amy Winehouse's performance last year, albeit as a backing singer to her niece Dionne Bromfield, caused a huge stir, especially in the press. She would be a handful for any of the pro males (I think James would probably be her best match in terms of temperament). Would she have the focus and energy to do well?

Chelsea Clinton is an odd choice. She works for a hedge fund, and is not really a celebrity. She's the daughter of the US Secretary of State, who goes about her business. She's getting married this summer. Would she really want to spend 3+ months in Britian just a month after her wedding? I think she would be more likely to appear on DWTS.

Monica Lewinsky is that sensational name which always ends up on the list, but very rarely becomes reality. Besides, Strictly is very much a family show, and I don't think anyone would be comfortable explaining to their seven year-old who she is and why she is (in)famous. I'm sure Brucie wouldn't allow it!

It doen't take a genius to work out why Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh is on the list, but it would be great for her to shine in her own right. Like Victoria, Kimberley has been through the routine of touring and learning choreography, so could be a good choice. And from the producers' point of view is probably a more achievable target. I guess it depends if Simon Cowell steps in offers more money not to appear.

Patsy Kensit is also an achievable target. She is leaving Holby City in September. This means that, like so many others (Ricky Whittle, Matt DiAngelo, Sarah Manners), she could be filming her exit while training. But if she made the latter stages of the competition, she could focus on it fully. She has a little bit of music in her past, so she could be a great participant.

With Vince Cable in the cabinet and putting his Strictly dreams on hold, Lembit Opik could be the Lib-Dem to step into gap. He's lost his parlimentary seat, which means he doesn't have much to do at the moment. Like Boris Johnson, he's always been a bit of a celebrity, although he's not as popular as he was during the Sian years. Strictly could be a good opportunity to try and get the public back on side.


  • At 5:49 pm, Blogger Netty said…

    I think the whole show needs reassessing. The judges are too self indulgent and not enough constructive criticism, its all about them. I am not going to watch it anymore whoever they get to enter it, as its all a con.
    Sorry if that offends but it is how a lot of people feel now not just me.


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