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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Blackpool Bound?

Could Strictly Come Dancing make a permanent home at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom?

The Daily Telegraph reports that Strictly producers are having 'in-depth negotiations' to secure just that.

Michael Williams, operations director of Leisure Parcs, which owns the Tower, told the paper: "I can confirm we have been in discussion with the BBC regarding the possibility of bringing the show to the Tower for 2010. It could just be one or a number of the shows but we are hoping the whole series could be filmed here. For us it will be a bit of a logistical issue as Strictly is on when it is traditionally our busiest period but we are talking to all parties concerning the matter. From our point of view it would be fantastic not just for the Tower but also the resort in general."

I doubt the BBC would want to run the whole series from Blackpool when most of the dancers and celebrities, not to mention the crew, are based down south. Moving the whole shebang to Blackpool would also have a knock-on effect to It Takes Two. Would Claudia et al have to spend three months in Blackpool too?

So not going to happen.

But there's a lot to be said for having a show or two from the spiritual home of British ballroom dancing. I think it's nice for the participants and makes for great viewing for those at home. I'm all for it.


  • At 4:23 pm, Blogger glitterfairy11 said…

    Would be lovely to have the whole series there - the camera crew always seem to be a bit less random with their shots during the dances (i.e. less close ups of faces, more close ups on footwork!) when they're in the tower ballroom!!

  • At 11:47 pm, Anonymous Blackpool Shows said…

    I agree with you it would seem a huge logistical effort to have the show in Blackpool. As for the crew it wont be long before a lot of them will be in Manchester when the BBC moves. As for the Celebs it would be quite a task for them to spend so much time up here. Maybe they could just fly them from London City Airport to Blackpool on Sat?
    Failing that, it would be nice to see maybe the first show (or 2 if the split men and women) and maybe the Final at the Tower.


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