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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lilia's Latinasize DVD

You've heard about Ian and Camilla, Len and Arlene. Now Lilia Kopylova is releasing a DVD.

Lilia's offering is a fitness programme entitled Latinasize. It's a workout DVD designed to help you dance away the lbs. Those of use that dance know that dancing is so much more fun than the gym, and Lilia will prove it to those who don't.

It's out on Boxing Day, so it'll help you shift all those mince pies! Actually, I can't imagine Lilia eating mince pies...

You can find out more on Darren & Lilia's website.

NB: This DVD is available to pre-order on a number of websites under the title Lilia's Latin Body Workout. The title has now changed.


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