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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Monday Musings: Week 11

I still don't see the point of having a musicals and a movie week, since the two are interchangeable, but I guess they ran out of 'around the world' dances after one series.

Lauren & AJ's American smooth was delightful. It was well performed, well acted and very enjoyable. Lauren really is a ballroom girl. While I think she is one of the weaker dancers left in the competition, when she brings out a performance like Saturday's, it's clear she still deserves her place.

Faye & Giovanni's Charleston was amazing. It was so in time, so in sync, and well performed. Faye was just the right amount of cooky. I loved the choreography, and everything about it worked so well. And it had wings from two feet! Totally deserving of a perfect score.

Charles & Karen's rumba was quiet. It was intimate and romantic. Great acting from both of them. And some lovely choreography. I think it was a dance I enjoyed more on second viewing, though. It was difficult for them to follow Faye & Giovanni, but it was a good effort. The best male rumba in Strictly history? Perhaps.

Was Ashley & Pasha's quickstep a bit too busy? Perhaps it was. It was certainly relentless. But when Ashley is that good, I can see why Pasha would want to showcase what she can do. Ashley was on point, as always. I liked the routine, and I think she performed it well.

I wasn't as taken with Stacey & Kevin's American smooth as the judges were. Stacey performed the routine, and captured the mood. But she footwork wasn't that good, she was missing lots of heel leads. I didn't like it as much as the judges seemed to.

I wasn't overly keen on Joe & Dianne's salsa either. It was a bit campy, and a bit affected. It just didn't do it for me. I thought the lift in the middle was a bit unnecessary, and a bit awkward, too. I liked the cheerleader lift at the end, though. And there was some nice armography.

Faye was far and away my favourite this week. She was just brilliant.

My bottom two would be between Joe, Stacey and Charles. Charles was going to find it difficult to stand out among all those big routines. Joe's routine wasn't my favourite, and Stacey's technique wasn't tight enough for me.

But with Ashley in the dance-off, there was no was Charles was going anywhere other than home. He went out on a high, and that's all an eliminated celebrity can wish for.

One more celebrity has to leave before the final. This Saturday's show, and the following elimination, is going to be really tough. And with two dances this week, the couples have their work cut out.


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