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Monday, July 24, 2017

Judges' Pay

A lot has been made over the past week about the salaries of high-profile BBC talent, and about the gender pay gap. But the BBC's Annex to the BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17, which revealed the figures, threw up some interesting questions regarding Strictly.

According to BARB, Strictly was second only to The Great British Bake-Off in viewing figures (which also happens to be presented by two women!). The final of Strictly was the highest-rating episode, with an average of 13.3m viewers. 

Admittedly, Strictly is only on air for three months - some of the presenters on the list work daily for most of the year - but for such a high-rating show, is it fair that Tess Daly is only paid £350-£400k? Claudia Winkleman earns £$50-500k, but this includes other work such as radio, not just Strictly.

It Takes Two host Zoe Ball earns between £250-300k, again including radio and other work.

What's more of a mystery to me is the difference between the pay of the judges. As far as I can see, they do exactly the same amount of work, and yet Len and Bruno get paid more than Craig and Darcey. Len and Bruno earn £200-250k, while Craig and Darcey earn £150-£200k. I really can't understand this at all. Even if you wanted to argue that Darcey is less experienced (which would be ridiculous anyway), Craig has been with the show since day 1, and therefore should be earning exactly the same, surely.


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