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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Next! Levi Roots...

It seems that a way to get a quick bit of press is to announce that you turned down Strictly. There have been dozens of these stories recently. Or maybe it's just that the press ask everyone they interview if they would do it, in the hope of getting a headline.

Either way, latest to state his rejection of Strictly is food entrepreneur Levi Roots.

Levi told The Sun that the nature of the show goes against his beliefs: “My family and friends say I should do Strictly and go into the jungle and do all these shows I’ve been offered. But the decision is mine, and I have to think, ‘Is that the way of the Rasta?’ And to me, it isn’t. I’m quite comfortable holding on to what I’ve got, and people seem to like me the way I am. I turned down all those things because it’s not the way of a Rastafarian.”


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