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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Kirstie Banned From Strictly

The BBC have reportedly been prevented from having Kirstie Allsopp on Strictly, because she is under exclusive contract to Channel 4 until 2016.

A source told the Daily Express: "It's a real shame because Kirstie has always desperately wanted to do Strictly. She's made no secret of that. And the BBC really want her to appear too. But she's under contract with Channel 4 and they just won't allow her to appear on a BBC series. She and the Strictly people have tried but they've said it's a no go."

Kirstie, however, has denied the claims, stating that she would only do it if Phil Spencer did too: "I'm a big fan of the show but there's no way I would do Strictly without Phil. Us two being together would be part of the fun. But with the huge amount of time commitment it needs, and our busy schedules, we would have to plan two years in advance."

So, two years? Hmm, would that be 2016?


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