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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday Service: Week 9

We're now getting to the business of the competition and everyone has improved so much. It's starting to heat up. Yet surprisingly most of the couples just weren't quite on it this week.

Take Kimberley & Pasha's jive for instance. It was perfectly pleasant, but it didn't set my heart alight like Dani's or Denise's did. It was light, pretty clean and has plenty of energy, but it just didn't move me. I agreed with Len that the bit through the legs was a bit ungainly.

Dani & Vincent's Viennese waltz was dreamy. It was as clean and precise as always, and very sweet. The underarm turns toward the end were lovely. Another solid performance. Will Dani ever have a bad week?

I was glad, although perhaps disappointed, that Michael & Natalie's samba wasn't quite as car crashy as I'd expected. It wasn't pretty, but it could have been worse. It was better than their jive. I thought Natalie's choreography was very cleaver. And she didn't really resort to Ola's trick of keeping the man stock still while she dances around. Michael was moving his feet most of the time. There was a nice turn sequence at the end.

I thought Nicky & Karen's Argentine tango was pretty good. It had a nice atmosphere. It was a little messy in places, but I think he should have done enough to stay in the competition.

Lisa & Robin's quickstep was a bit untidy. Lisa still has 'lazy' legs - she never picks them up when she's supposed to. It was really noticeable on the Charleston sections and on the 'Eric & Ernie' bit at the end. Lisa also needs to bring her feet together more. I didn't enjoy it as much as some of their other dances.

The salsa was not a classic Denise & James routine. It was obvious that James did not get on with it, even before he admitted his mistake. I agree with Len that Denise managed well when James went to bits - but you wouldn't expect anything less. Denise does turn brilliantly, and it's clear that the salsa choreographer had noticed. There were so many in the routine.

Louis & Flavia's Charleston was pleasant. I felt that the faces were as choreographed as the steps, but at least they were there at last. Louis looked a little dead behind the eyes. I don't know why they didn't bring an acting coach weeks ago. It might have helped. The routine was danced well, and of course, there were some good tricks. I know I'm not going to be popular with this, but don't think the dance really suited Flavia. She's so amazing at everything - maybe she's too good to be goofy...

So in a week where thinks should be hotting up, it all seemed a bit lukewarm. I really think that it's time for Michael to go. But who would you put in the bottom two with him. There is every chance it will be Denise, but I think it probably be Nicky. I think that as long as Micheal is in the bottom two, he will leave. But what if he's not? It doesn't bear thinking about...

Here are the videos...

Kimberley & Pasha

Dani & Vincent

Micheal & Natalie

Nicky & Karen

Lisa & Robin

Denise & James

Louis & Flavia


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