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Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings: Week 3

It's only Week 3, but it's already time to wheel out a theme, so here we are at Hollywood Week.

But I have to have a rant first. I am really tired of Bruce's Craig-bashing. It's really getting boring. He's constantly putting down Craig's opinions, and making cheap jokes at his expense. Some of us like Craig, and agree with what he says.

Fern & Artem kicked things off with their Charleston. It wasn't the most exciting Charleston we've seen, but Fern danced it pretty well. She seemed to think about the audience a bit more this week, and her performance was much better, but the whole thing was a bit dull. I think she'll survive for a good while yet, but she's going to have to bring it if she wants to stay in.

Victoria & Brendan's rumba was easily their bast dance so far. She was still a bit wobbly. and her turns still need work, but she hit some lovely lines. Her swivels were really nice and she seemed to capture some of the emotion of the dance too. It's a shame she looked so worried after the dress malfunction.

Michael & Natalie's cha cha wasn't really Hot Stuff. I love Michael's attitude, performance level and energy. It's such a shame his timing is so bad. He's fun to watch, even though it isn't that good, although it is bordering on manic as Bruno said.

I thought Jerry showed some improvement in the quickstep. Anton really packed the routine with steps and she gave it a good go. She looked a little confused at times, and her posture still needs some work. But she did correct herself on the springy section where she had the wrong foot.

I liked Sid & Ola's performance, but it wasn't enough of a tango for me. I'm with Len. I want aggression and staccato. There was no passion and attack. It was pleasant enough to watch, but it wasn't what we wanted to see.

Kimberley & Pasha's quickstep was energetic and fun. She kept the energy up all the way through. I would have preferred a bit more care on the footwork, but otherwise it was very good. They covered the floor really well.

Denise & James are so good. Perhaps some of the comments that Denise is too good for Strictly were right. She is brilliant. James, despite being a latin specialist, always does such wonderful ballroom dances and this foxtrot was no exception. Denise's footwork was lovely, she lifted her toes on the backward steps like a pro. Brilliant storytelling too.

Using Goldeneye for an Argentine tango was very risky. Mark & Karen's tango to that song is one of those iconic Strictly performances. Colin & Kristina's routine was very well performed, and included some brilliant lifts. Colin is very strong, but I never felt as though he was controlling Kristina, which is what it should come across. They looked like a team, but for the Argentine tango, the man should be in control.

I thought that Richard & Erin did a nice job with the quickstep. It was fun and inoffensive. Bright and light. I think Richard has lots to give. I can't wait to see how he progresses, as long as he gets the chance to stay.

I liked Dani & Vincent's foxtrot. It was so sweet and soft. The mood was wonderful. Dani needs to make sure that her feet come together closer on her backward steps, but she had some lovely lines. Dani is improving every week.

Lisa & Robin were not as strong this week. Lisa's jive lacked the bounce needed, and she didn't pick up her feet and legs enough. The routine had similar posing to the cha cha, which was clean, but not enough going on downstairs. Lisa is pretty light on her feet, which is brilliant, but not bouncy enough.

It was brilliant to see Nicky bring his personality to the floor this week. Perhaps the spirit of the mask helped him out. His quickstep with Karen was solid, although Len was right about his bent legs. Technically, it could have been better, but it was a step in the right direction.

If I'm honest, I liked Louis & Flavia's salsa better on second viewing. I think Louis' problem is that he's too cool for school. I want a bit more conviction from him. It was very polished, but something was lacking. Maybe it was the chemistry. I just can't put my finger on what is wrong. Maybe Darcey is right, maybe he needs to be more free.

It was clear that the right two were in the bottom two this week, but I would probably have saved Jerry rather than Michael. Michael works hard and gives it everything, but Jerry has more natural ability, and would be good if she worked a bit harder.

Here are the videos...

Fern & Artem

Victoria & Brendan

Michael & Natalie

Jerry & Anton

Sid & Ola

Kimberley & Pasha

Denise & James

Colin & Kristina

Richard & Erin

Dani & Vincent

Lisa & Robin

Nicky & Karen

Louis & Flavia


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