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Monday, January 26, 2009

Jill: "Sometimes I Wish I Was Just Doing A Rumba!"

Jill has been enjoying the tour, but finds dancing the jive quite gruelling.

She told ThisIsNottingham: "It's a really, really tiring dance. You have to really rev yourself up before you do it. It's a minute-and-a-half but you have to burst with energy for all that time. So it's one of those dances where you have to say to yourself, 'Come on now! Just go for it!' Sometimes I wish I was just doing a rumba!"

She also sings the praises of those that came after her in Series 2: "There are so many brilliant dancers on Strictly now. I watch it every single year, just as a fan. I really loved watching Alesha Dixon. In fact, I've loved all the winners... Darren Gough was a real people-pleaser and there were loads of people this year who were great. Lisa and Rachel were fantastic and Tom is a lovely guy. You can't help but like him. He's so sweet."


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