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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strictly Celebs Will Earn At Least £25,000

All of the 2013 celebrities taking part in Strictly Come Dancing will receive a fee of £25,000, rising to £75,000 if they make the final, with a couple of other pay steps in between.

STV reports that a source told The Sun''All of the celebrities get the same standard fee on StrictlyStrictly is pretty much a full-time job from the beginning of September to Christmas for those who stay until the end. It is very different to sitting around a house or eating bugs in the jungle. A lot of the contestants put in eight-hour days every day to practise their routines. It often means they have to give up other work they might have taken on to put their all into the show. Strictly is also seen as a prestigious show to be on, so it's not all about the money.''


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