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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Service: Week 6

I think it was the Viennese waltzers who won out this week. With a couple of exceptions, the salsas didn't seem to go that well.

Gethin & Camilla's Viennese waltz was beautiful and romantic. The perfect start to the show. It was Gethin's best performance by a country mile. I loved the storytelling. It was great to see him finally find his stride.

I love dances where the professional dancers are out of their element almost as much as the celebrities, although the salsa isn't really one of my favourites. Penny looked like the had a ball with the salsa. Ian looked like he had a great time, too. However, I didn't think it was Penny's dance. She looked a little awkward and untidy.

Matt & Flavia produced yet another solid routine, but are Matt's nerves starting to creep back in? He looked a little serious, and it didn't have the romance of his rival Gethin.

Sadly the grace that Kate displayed last week disappeared and we were back to normal. Kate was a bit stompy. She lacks control and balance, although her timing seems to have improved. But without being in hold, Anton can't make up for her shortcomings.

Letitia looked nervous before she walked out. She lacked hip action. But do respect Letitia in terms of performance. She always performs to the best of her ability, but latin is just not for her. Craig made a great point, that her timing and rhythm is very good. And Darren seems to give her the support she needs.

I thought Kenny & Ola did a good job this week. Maybe dancing to Flower of Scotland inspired him. The performance was gentle and romantic, a side of Kenny we'd not really seen before. The ending was beautiful. Definitely Kenny's best performance.

Was John & Nicole's salsa a ten? I'm not sure. But it was an excellent routine. He has bags of rhythm and confidence. The salsa was made for John. However, I did agree with Arlene's point that he is still hunching over Nicole.

I loved Brendan's interpretation of the Viennese waltz. Fantastic musicality. It was fabulous. It was great to see Kelly & Brendan back on form. Loved it.

It was obvious that Alesha was very excited to finally get out of the ballroom and do the salsa. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' was a great music selection. I thought it was the most exciting choreographically of the salsas, and Alesha did a great job. Will Alesha & Matthew ever turn in a bad performance?

It's hard to call a bottom two. Surely it has to be Kate & Anton's turn to dance off? And joining them, based on last night's performances, I would probably go with either Letitia & Darren or Penny & Ian. But it's now getting to the point where it's getting harder to call.

Gethin & Camilla

Penny & Ian

Matt & Flavia

Kate & Anton

Letitia & Darren

Kenny & Ola

John & Nicole

Kelly & Brendan

Alesha & Matthew


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