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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Claire King: "I'm Not Just An Old Lush"

Claire King has given an interview in today's Daily Mirror.

She assures us that she won't fall for Brendan Cole's charms on the dancefloor. "It's not going to be another Natasha Kaplinksy situation" she tells The Mirror.

She says that they are very similar, and are getting on very well. Like many others, she did a bit of ballet as a kid, but nothing serious.

Quote of the interview has to be this:

"He could have had someone petite who he could fling around by his finger. Instead, he's having to manoeuvre me like a JCB."

I think she shares his competitive streak, and they could be electric. But sometimes expectations can be wrong. We all expected much more from Brendan's paring with Rachel Hunter, but they were only placed 4th by the judges (although remember that the public did not get a vote in this show).


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